Blue White Roundtable: Blue White Game & the 2009 NFL Draft

1. Ok, so the Blue White Game and spring practice is done. Whether you just read the reports, or actually watched the game… (a) What’s one glaring team/unit/player issue you’re still concerned with? (b) What are you most pleased with?

I am always concerned with the offensive line because they have been the weak link, though not as much lately. I am a little concerned about the secondary though pleased with the performance of the quarterbacks. Usually, everyone but the incumbent has a tough day it seems.

Since the return to prominence in 2005, the offensive line has been solid and downright good at times. With a decent offensive line, even Anthony Morelli can lead you to New Year’s Day bowl wins. The secondary was nothing special last year, but the Nittany Lions still won the Big Ten.

2. Navarro Bowman was held out of the game for probation violation. He did admit his mistake to Joe Paterno, and took responsibility. But he still shouldn’t have done it. What punishment do you think will be appropriate, and why?

Navarro Bowman will sit out at least a game, possibly two, but probably not three for admitting to using marijuana. I expect he will be doing community service during those times, like Dan Connor did back in 2005.

3. Penn State’s offensive staff said after the game that things were kept pretty simple. Do you think this year’s returning offense will be able to handle an offensive scheme with the same complexity as the 2008 version? Why or why not?

I expect the scheme will not be as complex with the loss of the three starting wideouts. Who take the Derrick Williams role? That being said, it will look fairly similar to last year, just a little less gimmicky.

4. Five Penn Staters were drafted, while 10 more signed free-agent contracts. Was there any pick/signing that surprised you the most, either positively or negatively? What did this 2009 NFL Draft say about the Penn State football program?

I was pleased to see two offensive lineman and two WRs drafted. I don’t really feel the need to validate Penn State by how it does in the NFL Draft though.

Shooting from the hip…

1. Average PSU offensive PPG/defensive PPG in 2009?

Offense: 430 ppg
Defense: 270 ppg

2. USC’s Mark Sanchez (5th overall – Jets): Too high?

No! Getting picked early meant he didn’t go to the Redskins.

3. How many Lions drafted in 2010?


4. List you’re top three Big Ten teams, as of today.

Penn State, Ohio State, Iowa


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