Time to get back on track after yesterday’s fun.

Wily Mo Pena is gone! Unfortunately, Jim Bowden made sure he got $2 million this year. (The Post)

Dmitri Young may be fat and overpaid (The Post) but he can still hit. I am sure they will love him in Syracuse…right?

A young rotation means we can expect a season of ‘Peaks and valleys’ (The Wash. Times)

This is a very different team than last year, one much younger and promising. Here is the Post‘s season preview story.

Post columnist Thomas Boswell declares the young Nats look like a big league team this year.

John Lannan does not throw overwhelming stuff, relying on moxie (The Post) to get him through his starts. That did not work yesterday though, he got rocked (nationals.com).

Good news if you are Ronnie Belliard, 2B Anderson Hernandez is on the DL (The Post).

The Nats still have too many outfielders (The Post). I think the problem will fix itself.

The Lerners paid the rent (The Post) for Nationals Park on-time and without any complaints this year. Now they can’t get punished because the city did not live up to its contract. They did not handle it well last year though.

Finally, don’t buy that Carlos Alvarez jersey just yet. The fraud formerly known as Esmailyn Gonzalez (The Wash. Times) is having shockingly visa issues.


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