Cerphe, classic rock 94.7 sign off

D.C. Radio’s Last Rock OverturnedThe Post
This morning, I have one less radio station to listen to on my commute as 94.7 has become the third adult contemporary station in the D.C. market. Friday was Don Cerphe Colwell‘s final day at the microphone on 94.7 FM which was classic rock, then “world-class rock” which included current yuppie/boomer rock (Coldplay, Plant/Krauss) and some older stuff and then back to classic rock again. Of the two formats, “world-class” rock was closer to being a great station and probably could have been with a little more commitment from management.

Despite the article saying classic rock is dead in D.C. radio, it is on WBIG 100.3 FM which has billed itself as oldies, but really you can’t be oldies and not play Motown. As for Cerphe, he’ll be fine and may even do some specials for WJFK. I’m sure we will hear his morning counterpart, Albie Dee, somewhere too, probably on a completely different format. I wonder if we’ll hear from Jonathan “Weasel” Gilbert again though. He was let go to make way for Ablie Dee.

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