Washington’s whiskey hits the barrel after 200 year hiatusUSA Today
I have been hearing about plans to distill whiskey according to George Washington’s recipe for several years.

In April, the Mount Vernon distillery and adjacent gristmill will open to the public for the season. And for the first time in nearly 200 years, liquor fans will soon be able to purchase whiskey made in the distillery, following Washington’s own recipe.

“There’s nowhere else in the country you can see what a distillery was like in the 18th century,” said Dennis Pogue, Mount Vernon’s associate director of preservation who oversaw the distillery’s reconstruction. And the experience shows visitors an intriguing side of George Washington. “It’s an opportunity to talk about different aspects of Washington’s career that most people don’t know about,” he said.

I am quite interested to check out the distillery, though when I learned in the article that the whiskey was not barrel aged, I became less enthusiastic for actual product. Nevertheless, I’ll be happy to give it a try.

Author: WFY

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