DICK HELLER – Johnson’s kin argue this callThe Wash. Times
Henry Thomas, grandson of Walter Johnson, does not appreciate the statue of his grandfather at Nationals Park:

“I went out there last September to see the finished clay model, and I expressed to Omri in no uncertain terms that I was appalled,” Thomas said. “He said nothing at all, and other people at the studio were shocked that I found anything wrong. I felt like, ‘Am I crazy?’

“I don’t blame the artist. Omri was very polite and very patient with me. You can’t blame a crocodile if it eats somebody – that’s what crocodiles do. And artists do things the way they visualize them. I blame the arts commission for giving its OK to the statue.”

Ouch! I see his point and he is blaming the right people, but ultimately, I’m going to do what he said, look at them then walk in the ballpark and get a hot dog. Well, half-smoke actually.

Author: WFY

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