Nats’ Bullpen Relieved of Its DutiesThe Post
Change comes after late lossThe Wash. Times
Three games, three blown 9th inning leads. After Joel Hanrahan did it two nights in a row, Saul Rivera took his turn snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Up 4-3, after a Ryan Zimmerman (more on him in a bit) RBI in the eighth, Rivera stunk up the joint. it was a real shame too because I was watching the game with my napping baby boy in my lap. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. This team is a closer away from mediocrity — so close.

The bullpen has been punished for their failures by the way — Steven Shell, Wil Ledezma (who does not know how to spell his first name) and Saul Rivera have all been demoted to AAA Syracuse, presumably because the Lerners are two cheap to invest in a Phantom Zone.

The cavalry of Jason Bergmann, Kip Wells and Garrett Mock are on the way to Washington.

There is hope, more details coming.


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