Nationals Are Swept Away by MarlinsThe Post
Nationals’ rally takes a diveThe Wash. Times
In case you have not read about yesterday’s 6-4 loss to the Florida Marlins.

THOMAS BOSWELLKasten Shows Some Ill-Advised Brotherly LoveThe Post
Boswell scolds Stan Kasten for going on Philadelphia radio hawking Opening Day tickets to Phillies fans. Boswell suggests that Kasten “doesn’t get the D.C.-Philly dynamic” and that he was unsuccessful in building the fanbase for Nationals Park. How about going on D.C. radio to sell tickets Stan?

Thanks for going after someone while they are still employed with the team Bos, instead of waiting until they are gone like you did with Jim Bowden.

By the way, there are apparently 35,000 tickets sold for Opening Day.

Dick Heller: Howard now truly larger than lifeThe Wash. Times
Frank Howard may not have a job with the Nationals (yet) but he is forever immortalized in bronze. Check out We’ve Got Heart’s flickrstream for photos of the Howard statue as well as the Josh Gibson and Walter Johnson ones.

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