Nationals’ Sculptures: No Hits, Just ErrorsThe Post
The three new statues and mobile at Nationals Park earn a poor review:

At their best, baseball and fine art are a lot alike. Both are esoteric, meaning everything to fans and little to outsiders. Both push up against a convoluted set of rules. Both get a lot of their meaning from the great plays and players of the past, and how new ones stack up against them. But what was unveiled yesterday in our new ballpark is a version of contemporary art that’s so simplified and trivialized that it’s like baseball without the subtle rules that make the game deserve a die-hard fan’s attention: no fouling out on a third-strike bunt, no infield fly rule, no penalty for a pitcher who balks or a runner who fails to tag up on a fly ball. (One page on the Web revels in the 23 different ways that a batter can get to first base. And they say conceptual art is artificial and needlessly involved!)

I will withhold judgment until I see them in person.

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