Nats Manny Acta might be a better manager if he wanted to keep his job

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By all accounts, Manny Acta is pretty good human being and this article does nothing to dissuade me of that notion. However, as great a guy as he is, I believe he is just too laid back about the way things are going. This is a team that needs a kick in a butt and not just “let’s just stay calm all the time” leadership. I am not suggesting Acta kick dust at the umpires every time he disagrees with them, but at least go out and plead your case. The players will appreciate it.

Also, Acta’s one big flaw comes out — he has no fear of losing his job because he knows another MLB job will be waiting for him. That is not a trait I want in a manager who is in last place for the third consecutive year.

I think Acta will be a good manager some day, but the odds of it happening in D.C. are so slim.

Acta: Managing to Stay Calm or Too Calm to Manage?The Post
Bos is chiming in:

Besides, the Nats have already gone the extra mile. The cliche says: “They fired the manager because they couldn’t fire the team.” The Nats have actually reversed that dictum. They have “fired the team” multiple times already, rather than can Manny. And it’s only May. So far, the Nats have had two full-scale bullpen purges, a center fielder exiled to Class AAA and a free agent starting pitcher released outright. Nobody has gotten that much support under fire in this town since Abe Lincoln backed Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.

That may be a bit much, Bos. Anyway, Bos does not really reach any conclusions. My conclusion — sadly, he needs to go. Preferably to the American League.

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