Based on what I am seeing on Google Reader and Twitter at 12:07 p.m., Manny Acta is still the manager of the Washington Nationals. You have less than half a day to be correct, Ken Rosenthal. If Acta makes it through today, he probably makes it through until Friday as it is unusual to fire managers in the middle or road trips, unless you are the New York Mets. Speaking of New York, the Nats are facing the Yankees starting tomorrow, so I will breaking out the Swiss flag.

Firing Acta won’t solve much if anything methinks, but I won’t argue it. The front office better tell him before anybody else though.

For Reliever Bergmann, Bad Weekend Gets WorseThe Post
Forget any nice things I may have said about Jason Bergmann, he stunk this weekend and was shipped off to Syracuse. Don’t worry though, Kip Wells is on his way!

LOVERRO: It’s not exactly observe and report for DibbleThe Wash. Times
Thom Loverro calls out Rob Dibble for merely commenting on the game as it happens and not giving viewers much insight. On the one hand, good job Loverro, on the other, nobody seems to care. I imagine Dibble’s response will be that Loverro “never played the game.”

Nationals Insider: Charting out a rough draftThe Wash. Times
What do the Nats appear to have drafted for this year — signability and assumed prompt MLB readiness. We’ll see how that does. One upside — they went for character guys instead of just toolsy outfielders.

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