Last week, Gene Weingarten announced that he was taking a package from The Post, but would continue to host Chatological Humor monthly and write his “Below the Beltway” column weakly err weekly.

Yes, I took it because I wanted to. Generously, The Post offered to hire me back, on contract, to do the same job I am doing now, whatever that is. But I’m 57, and want to start on some book and movie projects before I get even older and feebler and the DNA in my brain further deteriorates to the point that I can”t even finish my own senten

We should all be so lucky. More details:

I’m not really going anywhere. I accepted a partial contract, and will still be writing my weekly column, which Tom The Butcher, also on contract, will still be editing. Tom and I will still be working on The Post Hunt. Mostly what’s different is that after July 1, I’m no longer doing big magazine stories or The Gene Pool, which is the discussion group you all tend to deride because you don’t understand that the golden future of journalism is unedited ranting and gnashing by citizen journalists.

So, boo, I like chat on a weekly basis and the long magazine stories tend to be much better than the weekly column. The Gene Pool was stupid. His final weekly chat is going on right now. I’ll miss stuff like this on a weekly basis:

Okay, this has been quite a few days for celebrity deaths. First Ed, then Farrah, then Michael. Just when we thought we were done with the mourning … Billy! Still, that last one felt so … right, like when they added “Bobby” to “Abraham, Martin and John.”

I guess I am the only one who thinks Michael Jackson was essentially a shallow disco phenomenon, generously talented but mostly a product of cynically manipulated personal style and shrewd marketing, personally abhorrent in a number of significant ways related to racial identity and sexual proclivities, and not worthy of all this adulation, particularly by the media, whose hemorrhage of unquestioning accolades is suspiciously self-serving. Okay, just checking.

Hey, man, I’m unmoved by Jacko’s demise too, but that’s harsh, the guy was scary talented.


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