Rizzo: Reports of firing Acta have ‘no basis’The Wash. Times
Four days after the initial report suggesting that Manny Acta would be fired as Nationals manager, Mike Rizzo emphatically stated, um…nothing. He said there was no basis in the reports that Acta was going to be fired on Monday and left it at that pretty much.

THOMAS BOSWELL – Stronger Link Than Most ThinkThe Post
Boswell is back in the “Acta should stay” camp. Acta seems to think he is sticking around.

“It’s going to be me,” said Acta. And this time, he wasn’t smiling. Instead, he was poking his finger into his chest, his face animated with the kind of pride you know must be in him; otherwise, how could he have come from the depths of poverty and a brief low-minors career to become the only Dominican manager in the majors.

“It’s going to be me,” he repeated, not hostile but defiant. “Watch.” With that, he walked toward the field at Yankee Stadium where his Nats lost for the 25th time in their last 30 games.

Bos also wants Rizzo officially named GM.

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