This spring has been a good one for area cyclists.

Shirlington Underpass Ribbon Cutting CeremonyTheWashCycle
The Four Mile Run Trail is now extended from Shirlington to Glebe Road underneath I-395 (Shirley Highway). The concrete viaduct is quite impressive, maybe even overdesigned. I rode on it before the actual dedication and enjoyed it. Now, getting past I-395 is much easier than before when cyclists had to ride over the Shirlington Circle pedestrian overpass, with its hairpin turn, and along Alexandria streets to connect between the two Four Mile Run Trail segments. According the link above, this connection has been in the works since 1985! There is room for some improvement with signage at Shirlington Road though — it is not obvious how to get there from the existing Four Mile Run Trail or the W&OD Trail’s the eastern terminus a few hundred feet away.


Four Mile Run Trail extension update 08.15.2008

Four Mile Run Trail groundbreaking10.22.2007

Wilson Bridge Bike Path Gets RollingThe Post
It is now possible to bike across every Potomac River crossing in Washington D.C. Remember, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge actually enters the District at its southernmost point for a few hundred feet. The trail opened on Saturday. I am going to go for a ride on it later this morning, I will report back on it sometime soon.

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