Cerphe has launched HFS2 on 94.7 HD2. It is a modern incarnation of the former modern rocker that died in 2005, after many years of neglect by CBS Radio. If you have a HD radio, let me know if its any good.

WJFK, another CBS radio station, might be flipping to sports according to The Post. What would that mean for Mike O’Meara Show is uncertain. I’d be annoyed if that goes away. In the end, if they don’t get any of the local teams, like the Capitals and Nationals on the frequency, I don’t see much point of them flipping to sports. Actually, I don’t see the point anyway since sports talk has never done well as a format in this town, though an alternative to Dan Snyder’s Redskins Radio (980 AM) isn’t a bad idea. Personally, I can’t stand most sports talk, too many idiots calling in.

Speaking of O’Meara, his former partner, Don Geronimo landed a gig in Delmarva. His new show started today on WGMD. No stream or podcasts are planned per contractual obligations with CBS Radio. He blogs and is on Twitter.

By the way, is it just me or has BIG 100.3 gotten worse since its competitor the late Classic Rock 94.7 flipped formats?

As always, if you don’t want to wait for me to blog about radio, go to Dave Hughes’ dcrtv.com

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