Review: Pepsi Throwback

Pepsi Throwback can
A while back my brother told me about a version of Pepsi flavored with sugar instead of corn syrup. Last week, I saw that version, Pepsi Throwback, in the stores for the first time and I picked up several packs. Part of me was hoping it would be better than regular Pepsi, but since it has a limited release, I was worried that if it was I would be spoiled by something that would soon go away. Having now had 3 or 4 cans, I can say that I do taste a bit of a difference. Throwback is not quite as sweet as regular Pepsi — it is a little more nuanced, if that is even possible in carbonated sugar water. I’ve gone back and forth between Throwback and the regular stuff and not had a strong reaction either way, so I say the difference is not very significant. That being said, I’ll probably stock up on the Throwback just because regular sugar isn’t as bad for you as corn syrup.

I think I’m going to have to do the Pepsi Throwback Challenge though and blog the results.

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