The timing of this post becomes kind of interesting in light of Manny Acta’s firing yesterday. Hey, I didn’t choose when Wise would write the column.

MIKE WISE – Robinson Deserved BetterThe Post
I certainly don’t disagree that the Nationals handled the dismissal of Frank Robinson very poorly. They should have been up front with him and not strung him along. Any manager deserves that but especially one of the greatest living players. However, I’ve got mixed feelings about a Frank Robinson Day at Nationals Park sometime. He certainly had some highs as manager — the pine tar feud with the Angels and getting the umpires to overturn a home run by the Braves Bryan Jordan on Memorial Day 2005 come to mind. Robinson had some lowlights too — a specific example was yanking John Halama in the middle of an at bat in the first inning of a late season game. I walked out after that, the first time I ever left a sporting event early in disgust.

When it comes down to it, I don’t know that Robinson deserves a day all to himself — his Washington tenure ended with him 10 games under .500. If he does “deserve” his own day, does Manny Acta too? Robinson did not have a lot to work with and get a lot out of it in the first half of 2005, but that was really about it. Perhaps a compromise is in order — have him out for Opening Day 2010, a celebration of the Nationals fifth anniversary, something along those lines. If they want to bring other original Nats around, I’m cool with that too. Granted some of those original Nats are still playing, but guys like Brad Wilkerson and John Patterson are not and I wouldn’t mind seeing them show up.

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