Yesterday, the NHL released the 2009-2010 Washington Capitals schedule. Our Nation’s Capitals open Oct. 1 in Boston against the Bruins, followed by the home opener in Washington vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs. The traditional night before Thanksgiving game brings the Buffalo Sabres to D.C. while the Super Bowl afternoon game is against the Pengyunz. The traditional New Year’s afternoon game has been shelved due to the NHL only letting the Winter Classic, Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston in Fenway Park, play on that day. The only person at ESPN who cares about hockey, Scott Burnside, is not happy the Caps and Alex Ovechkin are not in it. It also makes a Beaver Stadium clash between the Penguynz and Flyers less likely in the near future. I’ll get over it, since I tend to have other programming to watch on New Year’s Day.

The Caps might get a big stage in Montréal though as the Canadiens are working on getting the November 28 matchup into Olympic Stadium (The Wash. Times). That could be a crazy scene and the fact the former tenants of Stade Olympique, the Expos, move to Washington and became the Nationals, could add a little fuel to the fire in that one.

Now, I have to figure out which games I want to try and go to — have to get the old man out for a game too.

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  1. As a Flyers fan I was kind of hoping the Capitals would be playing in Fenway Park because I want to see a Keystone Clash at the Beav, but oh well.

    I would have thought the NHL would want to market their big star too. Another reason why the NHL has lost its luster.

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