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Stealing Home: A Philly Love Song CityPaper
I am not a Philadelphia expatriate, but I do love a good Philly cheesesteak wit whiz. I don’t tend to even try getting them around here because I don’t want to eat all of that fat, calories, salt, etc. for an inferior product. This article suggests I can come close at a few locations.

In our area, you can eat a cheese steak on genuine Amoroso rolls at Philadelphia Water Ice Factory, at Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory, and at South Street Steaks. The bread, in fact, is often a selling point for these shops. Why? Because the only cheese steak ingredient that can’t be fudged is the roll, says Peter Mossaidis, a Philly native and owner of the small Cheesesteak Factory chain. South Street’s owner Danny Uhr agrees.

I’ll second the Amoroso roll statement, they make a big difference. I have been to Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory and found the steak (pictured above) I got there okay — they use a little too much whiz that might be watered down. I am disappointed that one place I had been interested in, Al’s Steaks in Del Ray, Alexandria gets the “no whiz” rating. I may try it anyway someday.

By the way, if I ever move away from the D.C. area the first thing I am going to do is complain about how you can’t get a decent half-smoke around my new home.

Also, the story opens up by saying “you can’t get an authentic cheese steak an hour outside (of Philly).” Circa 1995, there was a place in Bloomsburg, Pa. that advertised on the radio that they served the “best cheesesteaks north of Allentown” which I thought was one of the weakest advertising slogans I had ever heard.

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