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Baseball: Nationals fire Manny ActaThe Wash. Times
Manny Acta has taken the fall for not turning the poorly constructed team that former GM Jim Bowden put together into something decent. Bowden’s ineptitude in putting together 2009’s bullpen proved terminal to Acta’s Washington career, though there were many other problems (players who could not or barely field their position comes to mind) that were too much to overcome. Acta never had a good deal in D.C. and I am sure he’ll land elsewhere in a much better situation. He is pretty sure of it too and almost flaunted that fact this season. That is probably the biggest problem with Acta — he did not appear outwordly concerned about fighting for his job. He also had a tendency to just sit in the dugout instead of sticking up for his players with the umpires.

Acta will be fondly remembered as a honorable man managing a terrible team. It was not his fault and he will probably be a strong manager for another team (ahem, Mets) but it simply was not working. His Nats career ends with a 152-258 record.

I’m sure there will be a lot more about this move by lunchtime, so I’ll update it then. Montgomery County native Jim Riggleman will probably be the interim manager officially by then. It’ll be like Ed Tappscott (interim Wizards coach this year) all over again.

Here was what I had started last night after Sunday’s loss to Houston:

Houston Wins Series FinaleThe Post
Nats stumble into the break with shutoutThe Wash. Times
After going back-to-back-to-back in Saturday night’s 13-2 win, the Nationals could not get a run across the plate yesterday, losing 5-0. A solid Jordan Zimmermann outing (for six innings at least) was wasted. Tyler Clippard had a balk while trying to intentionally walk a batter. So, yes it was another weird weekend for the D.C. nine. At least they won two of four games they played, though it would have been nice if they won two of the nine inning games instead of one of them and the 1 inning game that had been postponed.

Oh and note to DC Sports Bog, even if it is Nationals Park, Elton John’s piano not working is in no way a Nats Fail. An aging, has-been British rock star FAIL, sure, but not the Nats.

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2 Replies to “Manny Acta fired as Nats manager, enter Jim Riggleman?

  1. Stan Kasten told Chris Russo about 2 weeks ago in an interview that he didn't blame Manny Acta for this team's performance. What has changed in the past 2 weeks? Does he suddenly expect them to get much better?

  2. Ultimately, Acta isn't the problem, but he's not the solution either. He lost 106 games more than he won in 2½ years in Washington. That's a damning number regardless of the situation. I would have been cool with Acta managing out the string, but I could not see him coming back next year, so the timing of this is reasonable.

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