Nationals Insider: Patience was quiet leader’s ultimate flawThe Wash. Times
Manny Acta‘s patience had ceased to become virtuous as the Nationals continued to struggle. Even a little bit of emotion might have fired up his players a little and created some urgency to get better.

DAN DALY – Daly: Try to take expanded viewThe Wash. Times
Daly sees the Nats as an expansion team or less:

Besides, it could be argued that Acta didn’t start from Square One with the Nationals, he started from Square Minus-One. Not only did he inherit a last-place team, one that finished 20 games under .500, he also inherited a team that had divested itself of four of its best players — Alfonso Soriano, Livan Hernandez, Jose Vidro and Jose Guillen. Of all the prospects and compensatory picks the Nats received for those veterans, only Jordan Zimmermann, the aspirin-throwing right hander, has made much of an impact so far, and he’s just getting started.

How could your forget Matt Chico? In all seriousness, we’re about to see if Garrett Mock can get it done at the MLB level too. Guillen was addition by subtraction anyway.

Acta and Nationals Will Likely Have Options Beyond This Year
Jim Riggleman is the interim manager and would have to have quite a second half to be around next season. There is not much coverage about him yet, I think that will come tomorrow.

Meanwhile, some names being thrown around include Bobby Valentine, Ned Yost, Jim Fregosi, Terry Pendleton and Bob Melvin. I don’t see the Lerners willing to pay for Bobby V, but the others seem plausible if not exciting.

DICK HELLER – Heller: In District, to hire is to fireThe Wash. Times
Heller recalls previous managers in Washington and how their tenures ended.

Bittersweet week for ZimmermanThe Wash. Times
Ryan Zimmerman could probably use a break from the All-Star break. He is in St. Louis for his first mid-summer classic appearance. Earlier in the week, he buried a grandmother and late Sunday night his manager got fired. Surprisingly, Zimmerman was pretty candid about Acta’s firing:

“I think there needs to be some accountability and some responsibility taken. We have the built-in excuse of being young, but I don’t think we’re really that young anymore. Our starting pitchers have enough innings and enough experience to where they’re not young anymore, and I think some accountability needs to be taken.”

“There needs to be a little more sense of urgency and kind of wanting to win. I think some people here are so used to losing they don’t have that fire to win. That’s the next step we need to take, and once we do that we’ll get to that next level and start being more competitive.”

That is easily the most interesting thing Zimmerman has ever said to the media and it is refreshing. By the way Ryan, might want to lower the GIDP and throwing errors a little, okay.

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