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For all the sports fans who have lamented that D.C.’s sports radio offering, WTEM 980 AM (branded ESPN 980), leaves something to desired, you have a new station to try out starting Monday. CBS Radio is killing WJFK 106.7 FM, dropping the “guy talk” format and moving to sports talk. They are going to play up the fact that they are not owned by Dan Snyder, the Washington Redskins owner who also owns WTEM. They are also all local, unlike WTEM which has ESPN shows during the day. That’s all fine and good, I suppose.

Even before Snyder owned WTEM, it was accused of being “Redskins Radio” at the expense of the Wizards, Capitals, local college teams and ultimately, the Nationals. It also has a poor AM signal while 106.7 The Fan (as it will now be known) is on better quality FM. I just wonder if 106.7 The Fan will talk about other D.C. teams and for how long.

I have never listened to sports talk radio with any regularity since WMAL fired the legendary Ken Beatrice. It just isn’t my thing and I find Web offerings more my style for sports discussion.

The demise of WJFK’s format means the end of the Mike O’Meara Show. I’ve been listening to O’Meara since the 1980s when he was on WAVA with Don Geronimo. As I have mentioned before, I have actually been enjoying the Mike O’Meara Show more than the Don & Mike Show’s last three years. I think CBS blew it letting him go and don’t think Chad Dukes & LaVar Arrington (sorry, love ya Lavar, but I’m skeptical of you getting 4 hours of airtime) will be as successful. I’m very curious to hear what O’Meara and co. have to say about their dismissal on Friday when they get a farewell segment. I have a feeling 106.7 is going to leave my presets.

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4 Replies to “WJFK flips to all sports, kills Mike O’Meara Show

  1. Who cares? Mikes show sucked anyway. His partner Rob Speiwack killed the show because he wasn't funny at all and always laughed at himself on the air.

    Good riddance.

  2. Anon-you obviously never got it. Mike and crew, yes including Rob were awesome because they did laugh at themselves. Now, if we choose to listen, we'll get the same info all day long. There are only so many news stories in the sports world on a given day. So, we'll get the junks talking about the weekend's games/matches, followed by Mike Wise talking about the weekend's games/matches, followed by Lavar and Chad talking about the weekend's games/matches. Yeehaw. Sounds stimulating….

  3. its a bummer, WJFK was such a rare gem. Im going to miss the station so much. Sports radio is overrated. Atleast CBS wasnt fully retarded in canning the junkies but I will miss Mike Rob and Buzz.

  4. I followed Don and Mike from the old days at WAVA. Many mornings, they kept my sanity while I commuted in our lovely traffic.

    While WJFK did hold onto the Junkies, they just didn't sound the same yesterday (their first day on the FAN). I suspect their rope has been tightened a bit and their show will reflect it, too.

    Sadly, there is little if anything left on the "free" radio dial that is worth tuning into.

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