The Maryland Bureau Chief is reporting very troubling news from Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt):

I listen to the weekly ESPNU College football podcast. It is a chat between Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook. In this week’s podcast, they made their 2009 championship games predictions. Beano made this entirely TERRIFYING, ANNOYING, and TRAGIC statement. I am transcribing this word for word:

“I think the two best teams right now are probably Florida and Texas……But I’m picking the two best teams who I think will play, there’s a difference. So I have Florida over Notre Dame. But if Notre Dame doesn’t make it……. because of the schedule, and the non-conference schedule which is a joke, and the Big Ten isn’t that tough, if it isn’t Notre Dame, it will be Penn State.”

You heard it folks. Season over! Oh the humanity?!?!? You should know that the only reason he picked Florida vs. Notre Dame, is due to a prediction he made in 2004, stating that within 5 years, Florida would play ND for the national title.

How do we make sense of this??????

While this is a scary Beano Cook prediction, we must acknowledge that he is hedging on this one. You could argue he is saying Penn State is #3. Nevertheless it is troubling, but I’m glad I was warned because I sometimes listen to that podcast.

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