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Nats must sign Strasburg by midnightThe Wash. Times
Ultimately, Stephen Strasburg will be the one who decides if he is going to sign with the Washington Nationals and he’ll make his decision in about 18 hours at the latest.

My advice to the Nats owners the Lerners, remember that your constituency is not Bud Selig, the slot system or the other owners, it is the fans and Washington D.C. You did it the hard way by not paying up and signing your #1 last year. The money you saved last year will cost you a lot more this year. It is not going to get any easier next year either. Ted Lerner is worth $3.2 billion according to Forbes. There are not (m)any valid excuses you have if Strasburg does not sign.

Get it done.

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Author: WFY

Yet another Washingtonian pushing the ubiquitous Nats/DC sports, Penn State, commuting, bicycling, kayaking, broomball, skiing, gin & tonic agenda.

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  1. Baseball America is reporting that Strasburg signed. MLB deal worth $15.67 million over 4 years.


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