I got an email from Drew Cieszynski of thebig10tour.com, a group of guys going to every Big Ten venue this football season:

I’m trying to reach as many PSU fans as possible to get suggestions on what to do while visiting State College…what to eat…what to see, etc? We’re not reporters, we’re not photographers, not even adequate with computers…No sponsors involved…just 4 guys trying to have a good time.

If you could, mention it to any PSU fans that you can; on your blog or wherever – we’ll looking for a Fan of the game, shirt of the game, best tailgate, etc…should be lots of fun – www.THEbig10tour.com

The obvious suggestions — Creamery for ice cream and visit the Nittany Lion Shrine. Downtown, everything will be packed on Gameday, but I’m partial to the Corner Room for food and Cafe 210 West for libations (they will be packed of course). There are many other choices, also packed, but those are the two I end to stop at when I’m up there. For tailgating, chances are you’ll just get invited to one of the ones near where you park, but PSUGirl’s 2thelion tailgate is simply epic, so get in touch with her.

What does everybody else suggest?

Also, Drew, you might want to get in touch with The Ultimate Sports Road Trip, those guys have been everywhere.

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