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Hank Stuever has a long column comparing and contrasting two Pennsylvania based convenience stores, Wawa (of the Philadelphia suburbs) and Sheetz (of Altoona). The former tends to be found as your get closer to the ocean and the latter closer to the mountains. Basically, I-95/The Fall Line is the Wawa/Sheetz line and each represents the cultures of those living, vacationing on each side, according to Stuever.

Whatever — it is a moot point as neither is has set up shop in any of the core Northern Virginia suburbs. Prince William County is the closest either of them has come and that probably the only place their footprints really overlap. I know Sheetz won’t be coming any closer, since their business model doesn’t believe in paying a lot for real estate. Wawa, I’m not so sure, but it looks like they may be following the Sheetz model — around here at least.

I like both stores, they are each unique and way better than the local convenience market leader, 7-Eleven. I’d gladly stop by either one of them if it were available.


Gotta have a Wawa? 03.06.2008

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4 Replies to “Wawa vs. Sheetz: The point is moot

  1. You are incorrect. Sheetz is vastly superior when it comes to food. Not only can you get sandwhiches, hot dogs etc. But also, french fries, pizza, good burgers, nachos, salads, and pizza. At the anchor store on 17th street in Altoona they have pasta, gelatto, and gourmet coffee. I love Sheetz. (But their gas is crap)

  2. Both great companies focusing on the customer in the Grocerant niche! I hope they both continue to do well. But I sure wish that either would open units on the West Coast.

  3. TYF: I've eaten well at Wawa, just not lately. I spend a lot more time in Sheetz's footprint than Wawa's these days.

    Grocerant: How about we let you have one of them and we get In-N-Out?

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