Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) celebrated his 78th birthday a day late by throwing Penn State under the bus with his predictions of success which means doom — or does it?

michael (deployed military): how does Ohio State fair this year? 10 or less? BCS bowl? NC possibility?

Beano Cook: The key game for them as far as national rankings is USC. I think Penn State is going to win the Big Ten. OSU has a chance to be a wild card team. The Buckeyes should be at least 3-1 in non conference play and the conference isn’t that tough. If the Buckeyes beat USC then they become a serious contender to play for the national title.

There he goes again, saying Penn State is going to win the Big Ten. We’re doomed!

James (Detroit): Beano, please explain why you think Notre Dame will play for the national championship? I know they return a lot of starters and that they have an easy schedule, but come on man! They were only 7-6 last year, didn’t beat one quality opponent, and had some bad losses!

Beano Cook: You’re right. Everything you say is correct. But I look at the schedule and I’ve been told by Notre Dame people that they have players who are very good that no one has heard about. If they play Florida’s schedule, I don’t pick them. The schedule is the key. If I had to pick another title game, it would be Texas to beat Penn State. If PSU plays in the Big 12, they lost 3 games. But they play in the Big Ten, they’ll go 8-0 in the Big Ten.

Beano Cook: Incidently, I think Mel Kiper picks Oklahoma and Penn State to play for the national title.

Ah yes, we’re title game #2! That is a pick I actually feel good about because if Beano is always wrong, does that mean we be in the actual title game? Also, who cares what some slicky boy, draft nerd from Dundalk thinks about college football?

Jim (Columbus): Again, why Penn State over the Buckeyes?

Beano Cook (4:20 PM: Home field. It’s a night game. But it’s a home field pick. I think OSU is a better team, but not at night at PSU.

It’s not a night game Beano, the Big Ten banned them in November. In all likelihood, 3:30 p.m. kickoff, maybe 4:30 p.m.

Does Beano having his facts wrong negate the reverse-lock?

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