Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) continues to focus on the Nittany Lions and even reveals some possibly shocking information about his feelings about Penn State.

Aaron King (Memphis,TN): Safe to say, Mike Floyd is the best sophomore reciever in college football, if not all of college football?

Beano Cook: It’s one game. He is very good, but it is one game. All of a sudden Notre Dame is back on top of the world after one win. If Texas and Florida are both undefeated, and the Irish is undefeated, Notre Dame will not play for the national title. The Irish has to root for those teams to lose. Don’t be shocked if Notre Dame and Penn State play for the national title. Penn State’s schedule is the easiest of any of the top-rated teams.

Wow, a Penn State vs. Notre Dame BCS Championship game – I don’t think Northeast Pennsylvania could survive it. Hard to argue with his schedule theory though.

Steve (Harriburg): Do I have to pray for 2 undefeated teams to keep PSU (and their pathetic schedule) out of the National Title game?

Beano Cook: Yes, I think so. You could see others like BYU run the table too. Penn State will finish ahead of BYU regardless. The Big Ten doesn’t want the plus-one for obvious reasons. The Big Ten is outsmarting all of the other conferences by playing just eight league games. Other big leagues play eight conference games. The Big Ten knows it is not as good as other conferences, but playing soft non-league games, plus eight league contests, it helps. Penn State would have played for the national title if it beat Iowa last year. By the way, Penn State could be worth taking with the points in a title game with Paterno having time to prepare.

There goes Beano bashing the Big Ten and damning Penn State with feint praise. Oddly, enough Beano correctly predicted Penn State would beat Miami.

J.B. (Dunmore, PA): Mr. Cook: I’d be surprised if Penn State ran the table this season. The O-Line struggled with its run blocking Saturday and I’m a bit concerned that the kicking game won’t be there when needed. The secondary is also suspect (gave up a long TD pass Saturday). I see them winning nine or ten games but someone will beat them.

Beano Cook: They play in the Big Ten, not the SEC, Big 12 or Pac-10. The non-conference schedule is a breeze. If the Nittany Lions played in the SEC, it would be 3-4 losses. Remember that Paterno is still involved and he makes the tough calls.

Again, he underestimates the Big Ten. I don’t see Penn State running the table and I doubt he does to, but needs to put in the jinx just to be sure.

Rodney (NYC): Hi Beano, love the Pod-Cast with Ivan and a big fan. But why the Penn State/Joe Paterno hate? Granted this year PSU out of conference schedule, which was made years ago, is not great. But PSU has Alabama next year, and have played Nebraska, ND and other top programs. Look at Florida’s out of conference schedule? As Ivan has pointed out, Florida has not played an opponent from outside of Florida since 1991. You always defend them by saying that they play in the SEC, but the Big 10-SEC bowl game record is more even than you think. Again, why the hate on PSU and not more skepticism of the mighty Gators?

Beano Cook: There is no hate for Paterno or Penn State. I disagree with some of the policies. I disagreed with my parents, but I still loved them. It was no fun being grounded on weekends.

What a minute, is Beano saying he loves Penn State? That’s such a mind-eff.

The podcast is pretty good though.

Cam (Utah): Why would Penn State get in over BYU if they were both undefeated? BYU would have wins over OU, Florida State, TCU and Utah!

Beano Cook: That is a good point. You might be right. It would depend on the pollsters.

What pollster is going to say no to Paterno over my ex-neighbor’s relative, Bronco Mendenhall? I don’t see that happening.

I chat too, but without jinxes!

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