This week I volunteered to write the questions for Blue White Roundtable for some reason. Given that Penn State is playing Eastern Illinois this week, I should have just keep my mouth shut. It wasn’t easy coming up with these:

1 – Penn State played its most complete game of the season thus far against Illinois. What pleased you the most about the performance?

I was pleased to see that the offensive line came together and pushed some people around. I think pulling the guards more helped and a little success. The second half domination was also quite agreeable, they just need to do it in the first half too.

2 – Has your outlook on the season changed dramatically compared to this time last week? What about before the Iowa game?

I feel a little better about my 11-2 season record prediction then right after Iowa, because as bad as Illinois is they still have athletes and Penn State was more physical with them. Going into the season, I had kind of expected Illinois to be a loss and Iowa to be a win. Even though we have the record I expected, I’m not as enthusiastic as I was before Iowa.

3 – Eastern Illinois actually looks like a decent I-AA err FCS team, having been in that division’s top 25 this season. How long can they stay in it with Penn State?

If Eastern Illinois is within 10 points at halftime, I am going to be pretty mad at Penn State. I have no worries for the defense, but the offense needs at least 20 points in the first half or they are in real trouble. Eastern Illinois should be out of it in time for the Blue Band half time show. I expect them to be well-coached though, since Bob Spoo has been there since the mid-1980s, he clearly knows what he is doing.

Lightning round

Will the scoreboard be fixed by Saturday? Some panels blew off in the wind on Wednesday.

Yes, they will fast-track it if it is not still windy.

Anybody having luck selling their Eastern Illinois tickets at face value?

No, but I know a couple of friends are trying to unload some. I am going to watch it locally, though I don’t have ESPN Classic, so I’ll be looking elsewhere.

What is your favorite college football blog that isn’t about Penn State?


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  1. I sold tickets to this game at face value! Of course, I did it before the season, so maybe the timing worked in my favor.

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