More on Ben Ali, founder of Ben’s Chili Bowl

He Added Spice to Our LivesThe Post
Death of a Washington legendThe Wash. Times
Ben Ali’s Son: “We’re All OK.”CityPaper
Ben Ali, founder of Ben’s Chili Bowl, dies AP/WTOP
Ben Ali obituaries from the two D.C. broadsheets, plus the alternate tabloid and AP. The great irony of his life — he never had a half-smoke because his Muslim faith prohibits pork.

Despite Founder’s Death, It Was Business As Usual at Ben’sCityPaper
Life Goes On in Rhythm of Ben’sThe Post
It was just a little busier at Ben’s Chili Bowl yesterday — Sounds like a good tribute to me.

For much of yesterday, “Ben’s Chili Bowl” and later “Ben Ali” were trending on Twitter.

The Death of Ben Ali: What Others Had to SayCityPaper
What others are saying about Ali. What are you saying?

Ben Ali of Ben’s Chili Bowl dead at 82 – 10.08.2009
Fifty years of Ben’s Chili Bowl – 04.21.2008

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