Well that’s a relief, the last of the losing streaks from my time as an underclassman finally ends. It should not have taken this long for Penn State to win at Michigan, but it did. Hopefully, the Michigan and Ohio State demons have been purged. Now all that is left is Iowa.

  • I am thrilled that my prediction, UM 26 PSU 22, was wrong.
  • QB Daryll Clark had his best game of the season to date. Four touchdown passes and no turnovers. He picked up a number of mismatches and made the Wolverines pay.
  • ALL HAIL ZUG! The folk hero/ruler of the universe caught 3 touchdowns! AMISH LIGHTNING! THE ZUGGERNAUT. ALL GRAHAM ZUG DOES IS CATCH TOUCHDOWNS!
  • Michigan is terribly coached right now. So many mental errors and dropped passes by them. They lack fundamentals.
  • The Michigan offense spends more time running horizontally in the backfield than any I have ever seen. Don’t they know the object is to move the ball downfield, not across it? I’m not complaining mind you, I just don’t think they understand football.
  • LB Navarro Bowman had two turnovers and a bunch of tackles, but I think he still has much to learn, I really hope he stays for another year. Also, he shouldn’t be on the punting team.
  • Nick Sukay seems to like going for the big hits/interceptions, but rarely gets either.
  • C Stefen Wisniewski still doesn’t put enough zip on shotgun snaps.
  • Speaking of shotgun snaps, how about the Michigan one that sailed out of the end zone? I was hoping DT Jared Odrick would get a safety, but let’s not be picky or greedy.
  • Coach in charge of the defense Tom Bradley sure does know how to adjust to Michigan these days.
  • Head coach Joe Paterno finally played to win in Ann Arbor, rather than playing not to lose.
  • Two penalties in a row on OL Johnnie Troutman?
  • TE Andrew Quarless is finally reaching his potential after two wasted years in Paterno’s doghouse.
  • FB Joe Suhey even got a few
    long runs today.
  • RB Evan Royster got his 100 yards rushing.
  • QB Derek Moye continues to impress
  • OLB Sean Lee‘s name was not called much, I think he barely played.
  • MLB Josh Hull has become a pretty good football player. He has exceeded expectations, good for him. And us.
  • Good job by Jeremy Boone drawing a roughing the punter penalty.
  • Why does Michigan have a fake field? The game is supposed to be played on grass.
  • Just a little bit of bourbon tonight, as I am not feeling well.

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