I have a soft spot for the Baltimore Colts.

While my antipathy towards Baltimore’s baseball team is well documented, I have said on a few occasions that the Colts moving out of Baltimore is probably the worst franchise relocation in professional sports history. The fans were great, the team had great, memorable players and a marching band with a catchy fight song. The team moved away ultimately because the owner, Bob Irsay, was a really nasty individual who was also an alcoholic. Indianapolis was and still is completely unworthy of those horseshoe helmets and uniforms.

Noted film director Barry Levinson, a Baltimore native, has made a documentary for ESPN 30 for 30 about that marching band, “The Band That Wouldn’t Die.” The band played on even after the team abandoned them and eventually became the Marching Ravens after the Cleveland Browns (another bad move, but one that was corrected almost immediately) came to Baltimore. The whole story gets told tonight at 8 p.m.

It looks pretty good.

UPDATE: It is pretty good, great even. It is completely one-side anti-Irsay, pro-Baltimore fan propaganda, but really well done propaganda. Here is a less than perfect version of it:

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