Carroll H. Cook (“54 Pitt) chatted again this past Wednesday and Penn State was mentioned a few times.

Matt (Philadelphia): Beano, need a clarification on something from your podcast a couple weeks back. In 1969, did Penn State simply choose not to play the Texas-Arkansas winner in the Cotton Bowl? If so why was Paterno so mad?

beano cook: The players voted 33-30 to play Missouri. Penn State turned down the bid to play the highest ranked team available. The following year Notre Dame did not. For the millionth time, Penn State has a complaint about 1994, but none whatsoever about 1969.

It is worth noting that the players voted on what bowl they would attend and the vote was for the Orange Bowl. In short, black players were concerned about the treatment they would received in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. It is also worth noting that the team Richard Nixon proclaimed as national champion, the Texas Longhorns were not integrated at the time.

Wayne (Carlisle, PA): Beano, OSU or PENN STATE? and why?

beano cook: I think Penn State will win.


We’re doomed, the Beano reverse lock has been set. DAMN DAMN DAMN

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