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Noted sports-hater Chico Harlan is leaving the Washington Nationals beat for other opportunities at The Post. Back when that infamous Washingtonian profile came out, I wrote this:

My take — whatever, though it explains the initial level of coverage he provided when he took over the beat last season. It struck me as being written by someone who was cocky and probably too into himself. However, Harlan has improved and if he is doing it despite not liking his job, well that speaks well to his professionalism.

My beef, if you can call it that, with Harlan was sometimes he tried to hard to be snarky; his writing came off as HEY LOOK AT ME, I AM WRITING SOMETHING VERY, VERY SNARKY. When avoided that, he was a competent beat writer. That being said, I hope the new beat writer is more like original Nats beat writer Barry Svrluga than Harlan.

I wonder if any Nats bloggers will actually apply for the job.

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