As I say annually, “Harvard’s cheating was much more blantant this year.”

  • Yale started off well and dominated the first half running up the middle, but Harvard used the bend but don’t break defense well enough to keep it at 10-0.
  • Yale missed a couple of field goals, including a 63 yard attempt at the end of the first half that was wide.
  • Yale coach Tom Williams is a passionate man, who gets really fired up. Perhaps he is too passionate — faking a punt on 4 and 22?! What?!
  • Harvard had Yale beat on deep balls all day long, once they started completing them, they won.
  • The Yale Precision Marching Band sounded better than usual.
  • The stands filled out pretty well by the second quarter.
  • Always great to watch The Game with my dad though. The Saturday before Thanksgiving is one of the highlights on the year. I’ll talk about the second game of the doubleheader shortly.

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