I’m not big on rumor-mongering, but when it involves Penn State playing close to D.C., I jump. PSUGirl heard on Twitter that West Virginia is being recruited by the Washington Redskins to host Penn State in a 2011 game at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. That would be two seasons in a row that the Nittany Lions would visit the D.C. area — another game we could Metro too!

Penn State is already “visiting” Indiana in 2010 at FedEx Field and that crowd is certain to be predominately a Penn State crowd. West Virginia would send a lot more of its fans and possibly have the majority of the 90,000 seats. Even then, there is a lot to like about this potential matchup:

  • Old rivalry
  • Legitimate non-conference opponent
  • Since it would not be in Morgantown, fewer whiskey bottles being thrown by the Mountaineer fans — they won’t be issued out at FedEx Field like they are in Morgantown.
  • The aforementioned Metro accessibility.
  • Indirectly helps recruiting — Penn State can’t talk to recruits since they’d be the road team, but it can’t hurt.
  • The great John Denver song “Country Roads” is played at WVU games because the lyrics include “West Virginia, mountain mama.” However, the actual inspiration of the song was a drive along suburban Maryland’s Clopper Road. So, in a sense, they’d be coming home or something. It is a weak tangent, I know, but I had to mention it.

I really hope this happens. FedEx Field could become like Giants Stadium was like in the 1980s and 1990s — Penn State’s second home. I would have thought that WVU would have had more pride than to sell a home game to a neutral site.


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