WASHINGTON D.C. — A lion at the National Zoo about 45 minutes before a deer entered the Great Cats exhibit.

[flickr : Trip to the National Zoo/slideshow]

Deer fatally injured after jumping into lion’s denThe Post
Deer jumps into lions’ den at National ZooWTOP
Sunday afternoon we took our son to the Zoo for the first time. Had we been at the lions habitat 45 minutes later, we would have seen a deer get into it. The chase lasted 45 minutes before the deer escaped. Zoo officials determined it could not survive its injuries, but hopefully before they euthanized it, they told it “hey kid, you went the distance.” The WTOP link has to embedded videos on it; I didn’t bother posting here because I have enough videos bogging down the page load.

H/T: Deer Takes On Lions at the National ZooWe Love DC

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