New Nats pitcher Jason Marquis introduced; Eddie Guardado next?

Marquis deal is another positive sign for NatsThe Post
New National Marquis grabs mentor roleThe Wash. Times
The Nationals newest starting pitcher and projected #1 starter, Jason Marquis, was introduced to Washington yesterday. Marquis speaks highly of the moves that the Nats have been making in the offseason and by signing Stephen Strasburg. He also got to know John Lannan a little last year in Colorado during the Nats-Rockies series. Marqis wants to be a mentor on the staff. Given that we are not even to the New Year, I’ll take him at his word.

Nats nearing deal with veteran reliever Guardado – Nationals Journal, The Post
Oh how times have changed — back in 2008 when he was pitching for the Texas Rangers, Eddie Guardado was told he was traded to D.C. at the deadline — he was furious. In reality, he was pranked by his manager. Now, he is apparently ready to sign with the team. At 39 years old and a career almost exclusively in the American League, I’m skeptical about this signing and I can’t help but think of Julian Tavarez. I hope my gut is wrong on this one.

Okay, Pirates fan(s), Matt Capps has the Nats as one of the two teams he will sign with soon, how should I feel about him in a curly W cap?

Strasburg lands endorsement deal with Topps – National Journal, The Post
Strasburg signed a deal with the only baseball card manufacturer left — Topps. No word yet one whether it means he’ll be restricted in his autographs like Ryan Zimmerman.

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