Catching some by surpriseThe Post
Signing future Hall of Fame catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez for two years continues to be a head-scratcher for many following the Washington Nationals. The team is trying to explain the decision to give him a contract that doubles his salary from the previous year, despite being on the downside of his career and having questionable mentoring abilities. Rodriguez is also a Scott Boras client by the way. He needs to pass a physical too.

Day 2 drawing to a close The Wash. Times
More analysis but also a pretty strong point — the Nats have not really developed any position players yet. Ouch.

Nationals looking to land a starterThe Wash. Times
The Nats need more pitching and second tier starters like Jon Garland, Joel Pineiro and Vicente Padilla. Stan Kasten seems to like them because they won’t cost $10 million a season.

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