Nats have a real front office now? We’ll see

Front-office overhaul gives Washington Nationals new respectThe Post
Entering their sixth season (wow, already?!) the Washington Nationals appear to finally have a MLB quality front office after two years of MLB rule and another three years of excuses and Jim Bowden. At long last, the Lerner ownership seems to be following The Plan that Stan Kasten preached but didn’t actually follow. The promotion of Mike Rizzo, well-regarded from his long career as a scout, to general manager has given the franchise credibility throughout the sport. At least, that is what the Nats front office keeps saying.

The story is framed in part by the hiring of Jay Robertson, a Texas Rangers cast-off with over 25 years of scouting experience. Robertson was 95% committed to going to a different team and only spoke to Rizzo as a courtesy. However, Rizzo talked Robertson into signing with the Nats before they even got to specifics like car allowance and per diems. After a 10 hour session with the whole braintrust over the organization’s players and the free agents available, Robertson said he had not had that much fun in 10 to 15 years. Rizzo says the Nats now have “manpower and brainpower.” Sounds good, but we’ll need to see the results.

Conspicuous by its absence in the article was any mention of international scouting.

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