Nats ticketing needs to get its act together

Up on the wrong end of the B/W Parkway, single game tickets are going on sale for the upcoming baseball season this Saturday*. Meanwhile, here in the Nation’s Capital, our Washington Nationals don’t even know when single game tickets go on sale. On Twitter, I asked new follower @NatsTix when they would be on sale:

Single game #Nats tickets should go on sale by the end of February. Once I get a firmer date, I’ll let you know.

Yes, that sounds familiar compared to other seasons, but why wait? The official reason is they are still selling season tickets, but really, they can’t do both at the same time?

I don’t blame the @NatsTix and appreciate the outreach, but let’s have it go both ways. In a sensible world, single-game tickets would be available before Christmas because; I’d like some of them in my stocking. The person I’m blaming, well…


One of the three pillars that Stan Kasten talks about is customer satisfaction and I don’t think waiting until a month before the season helps meet that criterion.

*Listen, I don’t like sounding like the pucksandboots of the Natmosphere, but be a good Washingtonian and just don’t buy O’s tickets. That’s a bad franchise owned by a really bad man. See previous rants.

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