Blogging has been off more than on in 2010 so far. My apologies — I’m trying to get going again.

So, how about that Capital One Bowl? I loved, loved the field conditions. Mud, divots, standings water, etc. That’s football weather. As for the lack of injuries, how many of us played on fields worse than that as kids in sneakers and never got hurt. So, yeah more of that less of the artificial turf. Southern speed falls to Northern toughness again. Penn State 19 LSU 17.

By the way, those were the worst field conditions since Gettysburg, 1863.

The Penn State Football story youtube account never posted the Capital One Bowl video. Shame on Guido D’Elia, who failed us again.

Good to see Daryll Clark get a big win. He denies it, but he needed it. He will be missed. A lot, especially on Sept. 11 in Tuscaloosa.

I’ll miss Sean Lee too. Injuries kept him from reaching his potential and getting onto the Mount Rushmore of Penn State linebackers like Paul Posluszny, but he left it all on the field.

Navarro Bowman, LaVar Arrington‘s protegue, is gone to the NFL. I think he needed another year, but can’t begrude him leaving early.

I am really glad RB Evan Royster is staying.

Joe Paterno, still awesome, Penn State still doing it right. (The Times)

Jay Paterno still gaining acceptance.

Good news, I have a special Q&A coming up on the blog soon.

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