Nats: What others are saying about Strasburg; Flores frustration

Phillies’ model gives Nationals hope for futureThe Inky
Apparently, in the eyes of one beat writer, the current Washington Nationals resemble the Philadelphia Phillies of the past. Let’s see if I remember my history properly — the Phillies were generally inept and in denial of their status as a big market franchise. They were getting better, in part because they were drafting character players (like Brett Myers — okay bad example) but it wasn’t until they got a real GM that they started getting over the hump because that GM brought in complementary players to the young talent. He spent money too. That GM was Pat Gillick who openly campaigned for the Nats job in 2005.


Nationals’ Strasburg Resumes Work of Living Up to Expectations The Times
TIM KURKJIANStephen Strasburg era has arrivedESPN The Magazine
More stories about how Stephen Strasburg is scary good, humble, etc. Also, another example of the Kerry Wood saga under manager Jim Riggleman. Apparently, Wood had known elbow problems, but was pitching too well in the minors and Riggleman was criticized for taking the young phenom out too soon. Anybody remember if that was actually the case?

Nationals’ Jesus Flores battles shoulder injury that continues to linger
The battered, bruised and repaired shoulder of Jesus Flores – Nationals Journal, The Post
These stories on Jesus Flores are pretty good — Chico Harlan can write a feature pretty well (gamers, not so much) when he tries and he’s been trying lately. Anyway, Flores injury history and how he is dealing with it is examined. Has the play through pain mentality that seems to permeate the organization proved costly again? Looks like it.

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