I’ve become more of a homer as the years have gone by and find myself preferring the myopia of hometown broadcasters.* This afternoon, at 2:30 1:05 p.m. is the first chance to listen to the Washington Nationals radio team of Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler. Oh, how I have missed their discussions of pancakes. The Nats are playing on the Florida Marlins today. On terrestrial radio, are on WFED 1050 AM, but the preferred way for me to hear them is via Gameday Audio. It is well worth the money for the season.

On Saturday, the CBS Evening News did a profile on Stephen Strasburg. It doesn’t share anything new, but the social contract says I have to post it.

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The Nats are 0-5 in Spring Training so far, try not to get concerned.

*Bob Carpenter and Rob Dibble are excluded from this — not because of any MASN hate (though that’d be a good reason) but because they are not any good.


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