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8 Replies to “Excellent headline about Canada beating USA in hockey

  1. So they introduced the Olympians on both the Pens and the Sabres before the game in Pittsburgh last night. Think the biggest cheers were for the player who led their beloved Penguins to the Stanley Cup last season? Guess again. Pittsburgh loves Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller.

    There were even more boos than cheers when video of Crosby's goal medal-clinching goal was shown in the screen.

    Meanwhile in San Jose: "The game featured 13 Olympians, including eight who were on the teams that played in Sunday's gold medal game. The fans cheered during a video tribute to all the Olympians during a first-period break, with the loudest cheer coming for the five medalists on the Sharks — silver medalist Pavelski and Canadians Joe Thornton, Dany Heatley, Patrick Marleau and Dan Boyle. Devils forward Zach Parise, who scored the tying goal in the final minute of regulation for the U.S. in the loss to Canada, also got a nice ovation from the visiting crowd."

    Sleep tight Pittsburgh; you're more patriotic than those bums in San Jose. Even if it comes at the expense of your franchise's savior.

  2. The fact that Crosby got so many cheers as he did is a testament to what he means to the city. There is a certain segment of "yinzers" who hate anyone who goes against the home team, whether it be the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, or in this case, Team USA.

    And Brad, your facts are incorrect. Crosby got many more cheers than boos during the FIRST time the goal was shown on the screen. If you would have talked to someone at the game (as I did), then you would know that.

  3. And an additional point that you somehow overlooked. The franchise's savior is Mario Lemieux. Crosby played a huge role in getting the team a new arena, but Mario is, and will always be, the franchise's savior.

    Next time, get your facts straight please.

  4. When I saw that Crosby was booed and Ryan Miller was cheered, I thought "good for them, there's hope!"

    For the record, the Capitals savior is Rod Langway.

  5. No, the boos came from the ignorant, know-nothing bandwagon fans who only became fans of the Pens when they got good.

    Let it go fellas, as you both are out of your league here.

  6. Bandwagon fans in Pittsburgh?!

    Glad to see you acknowledge that they exist there as they do in every sports city.

    Zach Parise is still an American hero too.

  7. I think we need to remember the bond the three of us share — contempt for the Philadelphia Flyers.

    Oh and something else, look for a post around lunchtime.

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