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Friday evening, Chico Harlan said farewell to The Post‘s Washington Nationals beat:

…if you want to know more about the low point of that tenure, please reference my name in a Google search.

The Web is full of published items headlined like, “Nats beat writer Chico Harlan does not like his job…”

That headline probably looks familiar because it is the one I wrote after I read Harlan’s infamous Washingtonian interview, though Harlan didn’t include the link to it. It turns out that saying you are embarrassed to cover sports isn’t a great idea, but I don’t think Harlan had many consequences other than his own regret. His fellow beat writers (Nats Insider) seemed to like him which says a lot.

To his credit, Harlan could overcome hating his job enough to write some pretty good feature stories (like the Jesus Flores story of last week) but his game recaps tended to be mediocre. He feel in love with his own snark sometimes too, using a hammer when a scalpel was more appropriate.

Adam Kilgore has assumed the role of Nats beat writer and so far I’m pleased with what I am seeing. Kilgore has enthusiasm for the beat and has taken to pulling out the flip cam down at spring training. So far, so good, but the real test is how his gamers come out. I’m eager to read them.

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