Cristian Guzman is in the last year of his second bloated contract with the Washington Nationals. He’s barely been a part of spring training and he probably doesn’t have the arm to play shortstop everyday if at all. In the wings behind him is the “original Nationals prospect” Ian Desmond. We know what Guzman can do — turn a lot of ground balls into singles (at the plate and in the field!) and never walk; I want to see what Desmond can do. Apparently, Guzman is going to play a lot, whatever that means.

Guzman’s dreadful 2005 campaign may have cost the Nats a playoff spot. It certainly cost them a winning record (see the mudball game) and when it comes down to it, the Nats would have probably won more games with Jamey Carroll playing shortstop every day that year. The sooner we don’t have to watch Guzman, the sooner we can put the Jim Bowden era behind us.

In other news, Adam Dunn is not as far along as he hoped to be as a first baseman (The Post). I really want him to get the hang of it, because I think Mike Rizzo is going to extend Dunn. I like Dunn at the plate and his attitude is good, but really the guy is playing in the wrong league.

Miguel Batista (Nationals Journal, The Post) as the long man out of the bullpen, ugh.

Jon Heyman previews the NatsSports Illustrated

I guess bloggers won’t get season press passes, BBWA to blame?

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