The Frank Herzog roast

audio here) which is kind of amusing because WTOP was his employer only on the bookends of his career. His greatest prominence of course was doing play-by-play for the Redskins as in “Touchdown Washington Redskins” on WMAL, then WTEM and finally WJFK. Herzog also was a sports anchor on WJLA and WDVM/WUSA.

Mark Poltkin, Ron Weber, James Brown, Gordon Peterson, Johnny Holiday, Doug Hill, Joe Gibbs, Wes Unseld, John Riggins and of course Sonny Jurgeson and Sam Huff all called into give Herzog a hard time. This is the sendoff he didn’t get for leaving the Redskins because he got fired from that job by the talentless sycophant and shill, Larry Michaels.*

It is an enjoyable hour of radio, especially for long-time Washingtonians.


This is what a Frank Herzog Redskins broadcast looked like 03.09.2010


Frank, Sonny and Sam reunited – DC Sports Bog, The Post
Steinbog gets the order wrong in the headline, though he gets a pass — he grew up on Western New York, but writes like he grew up here. Good work Steinz.

*I know that is not his name, but I like that he’s doomed to having an “s” added to the end of his last name.

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