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If thought Rob Dibble was bad, just wait until you hear him without video. MASN (the network that hates Washington, the Nationals and their fans) had no video for a good chunk of last night’s game. We don’t know if it was malevolence or just Baltimoron incompetence that eliminated the video from the broadcast.

Adding to the broadcast futility, MASN had a non sequitur about the president being a White Sox fan.

MASN is owned primarily by Peter Angelos, the cowardly owner of the Baltimore Orioles. He was given the Nats TV rights by national disgrace, Bud Selig. Last night’s broadcast just another in a long line of bad faith moves by that corrupt owner and franchise. They voted against the Nats coming to D.C. you know. Don’t ever buy a ticket up there, even to see the Yankees. This bad behavior cannot be rewarded.

Author: WFY

Yet another Washingtonian pushing the ubiquitous Nats/DC sports, Penn State, commuting, bicycling, kayaking, broomball, skiing, gin & tonic agenda.

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  1. I didn't stick around to hear Dibble "on radio" I was going back and forth between the Caps.

    I'm sooooo relieved MASN got its bills paid though.

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