Victory knot
WASHINGTON, D.C. — This gourmet sea salt covered pretzel is one of the new food items previewed at Nationals Park media day yesterday. It comes in at two pounds and comes with several spreads, like beer cheese which is quite good, and an Orwellian nickname. I imagine there will be several bets placed on whether someone can eat the whole thing. Too bad they couldn’t have made it a curly W.

Other things learned from media day:

Starting with game 2, season ticketholders will have their own gate behind center field, complete with red carpet.

The team is sponsoring Smiles for Haiti with drop-off points for toothbrushes

The new Presidents Race video is pretty funny

The Red Porch restaurant has been expanded into the seats a little bit. You can sit there for up to 90 minutes.

The PNC Diamond Club has undergone a $2 million renovation. It looks great and I think it is more open than previously, but they removed the box score from game 7 of the 1924 World Series. Clint Khoury narrated a video describing the renovations. It is nice and all, if anybody wants to treat, I’m in. The bourbon selection is pretty good too.

There is a health food cart on the third base lower concourse this year. It will have wraps and yogurt/granola parfaits among other things. Section 110.

The Miller Light Scoreboard Walk now has chairs and is going for a “South Beach” feeling. Now, I’ve never been to South Beach, so um, I’ll just take their word. They also have corn hole, ring toss and other things that I’d prefer not be called interactive games. They say it’ll be a hot spot for the 21-34 set. I guess I better take advantage of it now. Thursday – Saturday nights are party nights with the gates opening 2.5 hours early and some $5 beers.

Chicken and waffles at Change Up Chicken in 130 — the syrup has a bit of cayenne in it which is tasty.

Taste of the Majors is now foot long hot dogs for each team in the NL East, i.e. Mets dog has sauerkraut.

Triple Play Grill in center field will have shrimp po boys and foot long fish dogs (aka fried cod). I’d probably eat that tomorrow if there was a game I was attending.

The busloads of Phillies fans will probably give us a hard time about Steak of the Union, but they can’t agree between Pat’s, Geno’s or Jim’s either.

Five Guys, Ben’s Chili Bowl and Hard Times Cafe are all back this season. I think Gifford’s Ice Cream may be gone though.

Thanks to Lisa Pagano of Nats PR for the invitation.
[flickr : Nationals Park Media Day/slideshow]

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