Washington Nationals fans have known for years that Ryan Zimmerman is super-clutch, that’s why I named him Mr. Walkoff on Opening Night 2008.

Premier Nats blog The Nationals Enquirer noted that Rob Dibble mentioned Mr. Walkoff getting into it with a Phillies fan. Presumably, Zimmerman had not yet hit his pinch hit home run that Yahoo! Sports Big League Stew suggested was “Gibson-esque.” The comparison was uttered by WTOP this morning and probably by Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler. I don’t think I’ll go that far for an April game, but it was still in Zimmerman’s top 10.

So, does this mean I should start watching MASN with the sound on again?

I’m thinking Zimmerman isn’t terribly fond of the Phaithphul, after they booed him during his Silver Slugger and Gold Glove award ceremony on Opening Day. His sticking up for the team and then hitting the momentum changing homer could pay off long-term with the psyche of the team, you know clubhouse chemistry.

Why yes, I am going to keep posting this video.

Oh and 5 bloggers now get media passes at Nationals Park (Nationals News Network). Asking Zimmerman what transpired would be an excellent question. Don’t just tell me what the players and staff told everybody else. But, yay for new media anyway. Don’t wear your fan gear either.

Oh and since the Phillies fans have been getting uppity lately (not you Cliff, Kevin Mc, Maddy, etc.) I am obligated to link to the Inky article about a Phillies fan intentionally projectile vomiting on a little girl. You stay classy Phillies fans.

I’m now 2-4 in the Cheesesteak/Half-Smoke Challenge. Two series are left between the two Northeast Corridor/I-95 rivals and I’m still within striking distance, but it is a tough road.

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